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Cosmopolitan Summer Beauty Award Winner! - Flicker Cosmetics

This was the subject title that entered our inbox back in April. Ellie and I totally naive thinking it was a regular email then to realise it was for Flicker!! What??? No way!!


Cosmopolitan Summer Beauty Award Winner! - Flicker Cosmetics

If you want to find out how keep on reading!!

When we launched we sent our products to the lovely Cosmopolitan UK Beauty desk and we were so excited to hear what the Beauty Team thought. Nothing better than feedback especially from professionals in the bizz!

Then a short while later we received the most exciting email….

‘’It is my great pleasure to inform you that Flicker has won a Cosmopolitan 2022 Summer Beauty Award!

Myself, Hanna and Keeks have tested hundreds of products over the past year, but we were SO impressed by the Flicker Naked Lash that we have named them the Best False Lashes of 2022. 

Massive congrats from team Cosmopolitan, we truly appreciate all of the hard work that goes into making such a wonderful product, and we hope that this award goes some way towards recognising your efforts’’

After picking our jaws up off the floor we were absolutely chuffed especially as we have been reading Cosmo since our teens. This was just incredible for us as we really didn’t expect it especially as we only launched a few months earlier in February. Check out what they had to say here


We will be forever grateful and thank the Beauty Team at Cosmopolitan UK for believing in us and giving us our first honour online and in mag, wooo! Especially being such a small, sister run brand that no one had heard of yet!

Watch this space for many more exciting things in the future!!

Loads of love,

Eloise & Ellie


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