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Line. Lash. Done. Flawless lashes in seconds with Flicker Lash Fix Naked & Noir - Flicker Cosmetics

Line. Lash. Done.

Get flawless lashes in seconds with our 2-in-1 Liner & Lash Adhesive. Now that's easy!


Ensure your eye area is clean and oil-free – products like eye creams and face oils can hinder the effect of our sticking power.

Shake the Lash Fix Adhesive Eyeliner Pen well before use. (Naked or Noir)



Apply a generous amount of liner along the lash line of your eye – we recommend two or three swipes.

Ensure you take the liner all the way along your lash line to make sure the edge of your lash band sits firmly and doesn’t lift in the corners.

You may also apply additional adhesive to the actual lash band itself for extra hold.


Allow 30 seconds for the liner adhesive to be absorbed into the skin properly before attaching your lash.

Apply lash once liner feels tacky.



Upon application, ensure you are pressing your lash band into place. Lash Fix is a pressure-sensitive adhesive, meaning it requires a soft-medium pressure to be activated. Use our applicator for best results. 

Bonus tips

Custom styles & fit

To achieve the best fit possible, you can trim any of our Naked Lash range for an even better custom fit. Always trim your lashes from the outer corner of the band; if lashes are trimmed from the inside, the curve of the band will be compromised, which may cause lifting or discomfort.

Cleaning & storage

For best results, keep your Lash Fix Liner & Adhesive pen clean and free of adhesive build-up. You can do this by wiping the tip with a paper towel or a non-fibrous wipe with micellar water.  

For up to x25 wears you can also clean your lashes every few uses to avoid a build-up of make-up on the clear band. To clean them, place the false lashes on a paper towel and use an oil-free remover or micellar water on a cotton bud to gently rub the residue off the band and lashes. Do not squeeze your lashes – leave them to dry naturally. You can also keep them safe in our stylish box. 

Happy lashing, lovelies! x


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