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All you need to up your lash game! - Flicker Cosmetics

All you need to up your lash game! Super easy lash application, perfect for first time falsie wearers

With our Flicker Starter Collection, you get 1x pair of lashes, 1x applicator and 1x Adhesive liner of your choice AND you save £8. 

1) Add your Flicker Lash Applicator

Curved to the perfect angle, the Flicker Lash Applicator gives you full vision and total control when placing your lashes.

The smooth, curved tip gently clamps at the base of the false lashes, allowing you to place them directly on to the lash line for an even and flush finish. Press along the band with the tip of the tool to set the glue and maximise staying power.

A sleek, easy-to-use tool for effortless precision and enhanced control – essential for flawless, natural looking results.

2) Choose from 7 different lash styles in the Flicker Naked Lash Range.

Premium 'natural' fake lashes, designed to work with your natural lash to enhance its volume, shape and flare.  

3) Choose either Noir (Black) or Naked (Clear) Flicker Lash Fix Adhesive Liner.

2-in-1 eyeliner and adhesive pen which lets you wave goodbye to messy glues.

Create a beautiful black liner or winged eyeliner look in seconds. Simply draw the adhesive liner across your lash line, apply your lashes to the liner, and you're done in seconds! No mess, no fuss, just easy beauty. 

4) Add to cart

5) Check out

6) Feel and look fabulous! 

Happy Lashing Lovelies xxx



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